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Exotic Coffees

Bali Blue Krishna coffee burlap bag

Roasting to Perfection


Micro-roasted Goodness

The best roast for the best beans

Deliciousness Blooms

Coffee bloom

Cupping the Perfect Coffee

cupping coffee


Sommo = Supreme

Sommo Coffees is an artisan Micro-Roaster in McLean, Virginia that specializes in exceptional coffees and precision small-batch, hand-roasts.  We pride ourselves on having the finest and freshest top quality Arabica coffee beans selected by one of the leading judges in the Specialty Coffee Industry.  In Italian, Sommo means supreme, top of the summit, and at Sommo taste is our top priority … our summit.


More notes than wine

Like fine wine, great coffee celebrates the earth. There are 1,000 flavor notes in coffee, compared to 400 notes in wine. In a cup of Sommo coffee you can taste the zest of the rain forests, spiciness of volcanoes, the minerals of the equator or the grassiness of great lands.  For example, a cup of coffee can be exotic spicy, in-your-face bold;  elegant, balanced with velvet buttery texture; or lovely and light with crisp sparkles and flower notes!

In-Season Beans

All of our beans are in-season, meaning they are no more than 6 months old. All foods are perishable, and coffee is no exception.  After six months raw coffee beans start losing its natural flavors and become dull and lifeless.  At Sommo freshness counts on all levels.

Organic, Sustainable Coffees

We strive to have all sustainable, organic, fairly traded, certified coffees that have exceptional taste.  All of Sommo coffees are grown in high-altitude mountainous areas around the equator naturally.  We prefer bio-dynamic farm practices without chemicals grown by indigenous tribes, small farm communities and single family farms.  The growing season, the rain fall, the way the coffee is picked, handled and dried are all critical to the quality and taste of the bean – everything matters! This goes beyond sourcing through quality importers, but actual visits to farms.


Small, Micro-Roasts Brings Out Intrinsic Flavors

All of Sommo Coffees are hand roasted in small, single crops batches by the owner, who is a Master Roaster.   Sommo works with top chefs in the areas perfecting the roasts to bring out specific flavors to pair the coffee to their desserts.  We apply a medium chestnut roast to a dark-medium brown roast to bring out the bean’s flavors, rather than masking them through over-roasting and char.   Fine coffee is smooth and yummy, not harsh.  Enjoy the rich flavors of truly excellent coffees.

Roast-to-Order Fresh Coffee

Freshness is key to good coffee and that’s why  Sommo Coffees roasts your order the day its mailed or the day before delivery.   Coffee is at its best within 2-weeks after its been roasted,  good for 4 weeks.  Like all foods, coffee goes bad after 8-12 weeks.  We recommend you buy just enough coffee for 2-4 weeks, not longer.